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TeachMeet Recording

The recording of the Teachmeet held on April 20th is now published.


TMI4 all

Wonderful World at TeachMeet

Kudos to all the participants of the TeachMeet! Huge thanks to Mihaela Rusu for creating this wonderful glog:



Read more about yesterday's event in the posts by:

Shelly Sanchez Terrell:15+ Ideas & Resources from #TeachMeet International Online
Arjana Blazic: When technology fails, teachers will save you.

TeachMeet April 20

A quick guide for guests/participants:

Click on this link. The meeting login screen appears. Choose Login as Guest (Gost), type in your name and click Prijava. (Log in)

The event begins at 3:00 pm Zagreb/ 2:00 pm Lisbon/ 10:00 am Rio de Janeiro/ 5:00 pm Dubai/ 1:00 am/SAT Auckland. The room will be open half an hour before.

TM4 speakers1Join us and listen to 21 speakers from 18 countries talking about:

- amazing projects

- web 2.0 tools

- hands-on experience

- wonderful ideas that worked in their classrooms

- and get inspired and motivated!

This time there'll be a TeachEAT  as well - a virtual one, of course. We'll be having a potluck party during and after the event. So please bring your favorite meals to this address or just place it on the Padlet wall below:


4th TeachMeet Int'l

We're proudly announcing a new, fresh, spring edition of Teachmeet Int'l:

The 4th TeachMeet Int'l will be held online at 3:00 pm CET on Saturday, April 20, 2013. Check your time zone here.

We invite you to share your expertise with educators around the globe. The call for proposals is open till 00:01 CET April 19.

If you want to take part in the TeachMeet as a speaker fill out this form and prepare a short three-minute presentation. Send us your slides by April 19, so that we can upload them to the virtual room before the event.

Here are some hints that can help you prepare your presentation. Feel free to use this template for your presentation if you want.

We'll be using the Adobe Connect Pro Meeting platform, courtesy of CARNet. The Adobe room will be open half an hour before the event for the audience. No sign up is needed for the audience. Just follow the above link to the virtual room and connect with the speakers in the chatbox.

On April 20 a rehearsal will be held for all the speakers who aren't familiar with the Adobe platform.

Here's the list of presenters who have already sent in their proposals.


tm online

2nd runner-up

We're delighted to have reached the top five in the Best Open PD category - we won 2nd runner up in this year's Edublog Awards.

eddies top5

TeachMeet is back!

After a three-month winter break, we're happy to announce that TeachMeet is back. Over the next ten days we're going to host one TeachMeet Live and one virtual TeachMeet.

The Live event will be held for the participants of the CARNet project Schools 2.0 and it will be broadcast in Adobe as well. Tune in on Wednesday 27 February at 1:00 pm CET (GMT +1).

The virtual event will be held for the participants of the eTwinning Learning Event The Pedagogical Value of eTwinning projects. While only the participants can apply to present, everybody is invited to join us and show support for the presenters. The TeachMeet will be held in the WebEx conference room on Friday, March 9, at 11:00 am CET (GMT+1).

The Zagreb Events

An outstanding TeachMeet and a cute StudentsMeet were held at the INFO Fair  in Zagreb in November 2012. Here's a short video about the TeachMeet.


Welcome to Zagreb!

TeachMeet INFO and StudentsMeet INFO are ready to roll!

12 teachers are ready to present at the TeachMeet INFO, which will be held on Saturday, 17 November in the Congress Hall at the Zagreb Fair. The TeachMeet starts at 10:00 am.

10 students will deliver six presentations at the StudentsMeet INFO, which starts at 11:00 am. The StudentsMeet will be moderated by Marko and Dora, students from IX. gimnazija in Zagreb.

If you happen to be in Zagreb on Saturday, we kindly invite you to join us for this exciting festival of life long learning and peer teaching.

Dynamic, innovative, inspiring - TeachMeet CUC


tweetLK tmcuc

This tweet by @LidijaKralj says it all! TeachMeet CUC was one of the most dynamyic events of the conference! Not only dynamyic, it was also inspiring and motivating, full of enthusiasm and passion for learning and teaching. It can’t have been any different because of the 14 enthusiastic teachers from Croatia and Slovenia who shared their creativity, passion and innovation in their three-minute presentations.


Here's a short video from TMCUC:

TeachMeet CUC ready to roll

TeachMeet CUC is ready to roll!
14 teachers are ready to present. Everybody is invited to join us for this exciting festival of learning. Be there in the CRES room at the Faculty of Arts in Rijeka at 2:00 pm on Tuesday, 13th November.

As for the TeacMeet INFO, the call for proposals has been extended until November 14. We hope more teachers will join us and share their enthusiasm, creativity and examples of innovative teaching and learning.

Call for proposals extended!

The call for proposals for TeachMeet CUC has been extended until Friday, November 9, 2012. We kindly invite you to join us for this informal CPD and share your ideas and examples of good practice with fellow teachers next week in Rijeka.

We strongly believe that sharing is caring, so don't hesitate! We're looking forward to learning from you.
All you have to do is to fill in this form, email us your presentation and come to Rijeka.
And of course, it goes without saying, there will also be a TeachEat after the event.


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