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Math in eTwinning

07lidijaLidija Kralj
Math & ICT Teacher
Veliki Bukovec, Croatia

eTwinning project gave students opportunity to see mathematical aspect of everyday situations and share their knowledge with peers from another country.  Students embraced mathematical language in English, French and Croatian during work on different tasks in this project. Tasks in project follow pedagogical way from easier to more complex regarding mathematical complexity and usage of appropriate computer programs. All tasks were open-ended and suitable for discussion.
Students worked on tasks in computer lab, mathematical classroom, outside and at home. Students solved tasks making drawings,descriptions, videos,photos and collaboratively working on blogs and documents in TwinSpace. Student use TwinSpace tools for communication and share their findings and discuss through videoconferences.
Alongside with our primary mathematical goals we realized internet safety aims, as TwinSpace gave us excellent opportunity to communicate and collaborate in safe online environment and to teach our students how to use the Internet in a safe, responsible and effective manner.


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